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GhostMonitor makes significantly more money.

GhostMonitor uses a pre-built, 3-email recovery campaign to recover your lost sales. This isn’t magic. The magic is in the email capture. GhostMonitor captures all cart abandoners, so you will earn 500% more from your lost sales.

Tracking features.

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Capture All Cart Abandoners

Add to Cart Popup

Only at GhostMonitor

Imagine: You capture everybody’s email who puts anything to cart. You build a huge, hot list of your potential customers, and you send them cart recovery and promotional emails. Huge, isn’t it?

Checkout data tracking

GhostMonitor tracks your Shopify checkout page, and seeks for email address. When your customers enter their email, it will be captured and used for the cart recovery campaign.

Subscriber Tracking

Only at GhostMonitor

It’s almost cheating. Subscriber Tracking captures all emails from subscription forms, and pair it to the customers. You will send more cart abandonment emails, so you will earn a lot more money.

Login tracking

Only at GhostMonitor

Is there Login option on your Shopify store? GhostMonitor captures everyone’s email address on login and pairs it to the user. If the user abandons a cart, the recovery emails are fired.

Make Money from Your Lost Sales

The 4 powerful email capture tools pair the email addresses to your customers. When a customer abandons a cart, the pre-built 3-email cart recovery campaign is fired. You capture more emails, you earn more money.


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Built-in Emails with Best Practices Make You More Money

Use Your Favorite Tools to Capture Your Cart Abandoners

And make serious money from abandoned carts. Subscriber Tracking captures every email entered in any form on your shop. And yes, it works with your tool as well.

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