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We won’t charge you for emails or cart abandoners. You have unlimited visitors, unlimited cart abandoners, unlimited emails and unlimited recovered revenue as well. All of these included in the $10 plan.

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How long does it take to install GhostMonitor on my site?

It takes about 50 seconds. You sign up, activate our plugin, enter your shop data, and you're all set. Right after the signup, your campaigns are live, GhostMonitor collects and recovers abandoned carts on autopilot.

Can I turn off "Add To Cart Popup" but use everything else?

Absolutely! If you decide not to use the popup, you can acquire emails with Track & Trigger technology, which captures email addresses as they’re typed in on the checkout page.

Is there a setup fee?

No. Setting up GhostMonitor is free and it always will be.

Are the emails stopped when someone has already finished the purchase?

Yes, this is our Auto Stop Email Sending feature, which stops the email sequence when someone completes the purchase.

Can I cancel my account at any time I want?

Absolutely. It's simple: You can cancel any time, and we'll refund the charges of the actual month.

Are all the features included in free trial?

Yes. You can try the best of us in your 15-day free trial.

What is Lost Checkout Data Recovery?

We rebuild the original checkout page every time someone comes back to complete the purchase. This means that we rebuild every field they already entered. For example, if someone abandons a cart with the name and email address on the checkout page, we rebuild those fields when they come back, so they will pick up where they left off.

Are the built-in emails available in other languages?

Yes. Our beautiful cart recovery emails are available in 23 languages. If your language is not in the list then you can edit your emails and write in your language.

Can I use my shop name as a sender?

Yes, you can. While you sign up, we'll ask your shop name. That will be the name of the sender in the emails.

What is Abandoned Cart Recovery?

In our emails, we include links back to the checkout page. These links bring back cart abandoners to finish their checkout. When they arrive, we rebuild their shopping cart and we put everything back they attempted to buy before.

Can I send 1 or 2 emails?

Yes, you can turn off our pre-built emails if you feel you need less. You can choose to send 1-3 emails in our cart recovery campaign.

When the sale is over, will I pay $29?

No. If you activate GhostMonitor with the $10 pricing it won't increase after the sale is over. We guarantee your $10 pricing for 12 months from signup.

Can I change my email content and schedule?

Absolutely. We have a very cool email editor, where you can set your custom text and design in minutes. You also can decide when to send your emails, but the best practices will be set the first time you log in.

Is there any visitor, email or recovered cart limit?

No. You have unlimited visitors, unlimited emails sent, and unlimited carts recovered. We strongly believe a good cart abandonment solution should be limitless.

Why GhostMonitor is better than other cart abandonment solutions?

Feature Ghostmonitor Avg. Cart Recovery Solution
Increase Your Revenue by 15% We capture 4-5 times more cart abandoners than an average cart recovery software. So we recover 4-5 times more abandoned carts as well!
Add To Cart Popup Send emails to all your cart abandoners. Turn on our "Add To Cart Popup", and ask for their email address right after someone clicks on the "Add To Cart" button.
Pre-Submit Tracking Capture email addresses as they're typed on your checkout page. Our technology tracks all typed data within your checkout process without the need to hit the submit button.
Abandoned Cart Recovery Our emails bring back cart abandoners to finish their checkout. When they arrive, we rebuild their shopping cart and we put everything back they attempted to buy before.
50 Seconds Setup GhostMonitor integrates seamlessly to your e-commerce store with a few simple steps. In 50 seconds, your store will be able to automatically send cart recovery campaigns to abandoners.
Pre-Built Cart Recovery Email Campaign You don't have to write a single email. Our 3 email built-in recovery campaign awaits you. We analyzed and tested thousands of emails to provide you with the best converting ones.
No Coding Or Marketing Skills Required Who needs a tool that’s difficult to use? To use GhostMonitor, you don’t need a developer or a marketing expert. No difficult code to place, no recovery emails to write.
Lost Checkout Data Recovery We make completing the purchase really easy for cart abandoners. When they come back, they'll continue where they left off. We recover their cart and the fields they already filled.
Unlimited Email Sending We think paying for emails isn't right. You choose us because you want more customers, not more emails. Here, at GhostMonitor, we'll never charge you for sent emails.
Change, edit, design your emails Our stunning email editor makes it very easy for you to edit your emails. You can add your own colors, text and logos. You can turn off emails as well.

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