Send emails to all cart abandoners

Use GhostMonitor's most powerful feature, the Add To Cart Popup. Ask for email address before your visitors add something to cart. Send recovery emails to all cart abandoners and use these emails for promotional purposes later.

Built-in Recovery Emails with Best Practices

You don't have to write a single email. Our 3 email built-in recovery campaign awaits you. We analyzed and tested thousands of emails to provide you with the best converting ones. The campaign kicks off automatically, once you install GhostMonitor.

Automated Abandoned Cart Recovery

In our emails, we include ’Complete My Checkout’ links back to the checkout page. These links bring back cart abandoners to complete their purchase. When they arrive, we rebuild their shopping cart and we put everything back they attempted to buy before.

Lost Checkout Data Recovery

If someone starts a checkout, fills out some fields, then abandon the cart, you lose all the data, right? With GhostMonitor, you don’t. We save every field and recover it when the user comes back to complete the purchase. So your abandoners literally pick up where they left off.

Show the Abandoned Cart in the Emails

We don’t just send reminders to your cart abandoners, we actually show them what they left in their carts. We show them the picture, name, price and quantity of the products they left in their carts. This approach makes our emails convert at a very high rate.

Edit and Brand Your Emails

Edit your emails with our easy-to-use editor. All emails are pre-built so all you need is to edit them if you want. Brand your emails, upload your logo, change the colors you’d like to use. You can send 1-3 emails and they can contain discount codes too.

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Stats You’ve Never Seen Before

Do you know how much money you lose due to cart abandonment? GhostMonitor is the first tool which shows you full shopping cart abandonment analytics on your e-commerce site. You’ll be surprised how much money you lose on abandonment right now!

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Email acquisition

Add to Cart Popup

The popup is activated right after your visitors click on "Add to Cart". They are required to give their email address before they can add the item to their cart. This approach allows you to send emails to all your cart abandoners.

Pre-Submit tracking

GhostMonitor captures the visitor’s contact details as they’re typed on your checkout page. So you’ll know your checkout abandoners’ email address phone number and other contact data.

Add To Cart Popup editor

Every online store is different. You need to show your best to your visitors. Just like our Email Editor, you can edit your "Add to Cart Popup" with our easy-to-use editor. You can change the design and all the text on the popup, so you can shape it to fit your brand.

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Easily integrates with...

See The Money Rolling In, In Real-Time

On your dashboard, we show you the numbers that matter to you the most - how much revenue we’ve recovered for you. We also show you how many carts were abandoned and recovered, all in real-time.

Be Notified

We send you weekly summaries about how your cart recovery campaigns are going, how much money you’ve earned, and other nformation. You can set it to send a daily summary as well.

These awesome features can add 15% to your bottom line

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